Meeting Minutes August 2014 (Executive Board)

Lakewood Music Boosters Executive Board Budget Planning Meeting  

August 19, 2014

Executive Music Boosters Meeting Call to Order: 6:30pm

Attendees: Co-Presidents Rachel Pavey and Tracey Logan, 1st Vice Presidents Laura VanDale & Karen Levis, 2nd Vice President  Katie Norman, 3rd Vice President/Teacher Representatives Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins, Treasurer  Carolina Rameriz-Lawrence,  Corresponding Secretary Jenny Barnett Rohrs, Recording Secretary Monica Owen, LHS Band Director Clint Steinbrunner.


President’s Report: Tracey Logan and Rachel Pavey

  • Looking for Music Boosters representation at Fresh Start, Marching Band, Lakewood Community Festival, Middle School Open Houses, Elementary Open Houses
  • Discussion of making MB buttons for Lakewood Community Fest

General discussion regarding MB meetings.  Based on several first Tuesdays having conflicts, the board decided to move the meetings to the second Tuesday of the months that have meetings.

  • Executive Board Meetings – September 9, October 14, February 10, April 14 and June
  • General Meetings – September 9, November 11, March 10, May

General discussion about ideas to increase attendance at MB meetings.  One idea was to have a “theme” for the meeting (e.g. MB 101).

Line item review of the budget to explain items to new board members and review items.

Clint Steinbrunner presented a request for MB to purchase 8 Ipads for 8 music teachers at a cost of approximately $3752.  The base model is $469.00 and includes a wireless sound system.  This item is not in the proposed budget.  The district would make the purchase and MB would reimburse the district.

The support for this purchase includes

  • Assisting with daily organizational tasks
  • Student assessment tracking
  • Audio and video recording for self-assessment and teaching
  • Transportability for teachers who are in 1+ rooms and/or 1+ buildings
  • Off campus activities e.g marching band
  • Educational games

Board decided to confirm that there are no district funds or grants available for this.

Adjourned 9:28 pm

Minutes submitted by the September 27, and entered into public record by Jenny Barnett Rohrs October 14 2014








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