Meeting Minutes for September 2014

Lakewood Music Boosters,  Executive Board Budget Planning Meeting  September 9, 2014

Executive Music Boosters Meeting Call to Order: 7:05

Attendees: Co-Presidents Rachel Pavey and Tracey Logan, 1st Vice Presidents Laura VanDale & Karen Levis, 2nd Vice President  Katie Norman, 3rd Vice President/Teacher Representatives Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins, Treasurer  Carolina Ramirez-Lawrence,  Corresponding Secretary Jenny Barnett Rohrs, Recording Secretary Monica Owen, Membership Coordinator Amy Chodzin, LMB members Sarah Klann, Robin Suttell, Lori Marjonovic, Stacey (Lakewood Civic Auditorium staff), Mary Bond from Light Up Lakewood Planning Committee.


President’s Report: Tracey Logan and Rachel Pavey

  •  Looking for Music Boosters representation at Fresh Start, Marching Band, Lakewood Community Festival, Middle School Open Houses, Elementary Open Houses
  • Discussion of making MB buttons for Lakewood Community Fest

1st Vice Presidents: Laura Van Dale and Karen Levis

  •  We will have online fruit sale again. There is no cost to us to have it.  It will begin 9-15-14.  25% of all sales goes to music boosters.
  • Chipotle fundraiser tentatively scheduled for 1-29-15, 4-7 pm.
  • Some discussion regarding Mitchell’s ice cream sales after 8th grade concerts since this was lowest sales of the three middle school grades. Decided to continue.

2nd Vice President: Katie Norman

  •  Katie reported that approximately 20 concerts will need volunteers and a Music Booster board member present. She will bring a sign-up sheet to the next meeting for Board members to begin signing up for events.

3rd Vice Presidents: Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins

Beth Hankins introduced Mary Bond from Light Up Lakewood.

  •  Mary Bond spoke about Lakewood Alive’s Light Up Lakewood event in December. Many Lakewood City Schools music groups preform at this event.  Light Up Lakewood is looking for a liaison between Light Up Lakewood and Lakewood Schools Music Department.  The liaison would help schedule and coordinate Lakewood Schools music events, in particular parent volunteers for the hospital venue.
  •  It was suggested and agreed upon the Lakewood Music Boosters should have a committee for Light Up Lakewood. Requests and information will be put on the LMB website and Facebook page as well as an email sent to members. Interested music booster members can contact Mary Bond directly.

Treasurer: Carolina Ramirez-Lawrence

  •  Current balances: B. Neil Davis $4595.75, Savings $5417.27, Checking $2447.94
  • Budget was voted on and approved
  • Clarified that LMB as an organization is bonded


Membership Chair: Amy Chodzin

  •  Many people asked if they could join MB online during the Lakewood Community Fest.
  • We need Paypal account to be able to do this.
  • FYI: our email is lkwdmusicboosters@gmail.com,
  • Amy is requesting approval to purchase a vertical banner that says “Lakewood Music Boosters” on it for use at concerts and other events.
  • Current membership 55 plus approximately 10 more received at the meeting tonight.


Corresponding Secretary: Jenny Barnett Rohrs

  •  Jenny will buy website now that budget is approved

Recording Secretary: Monica Owen

  •  Requested clarification regarding ages and process for tickets.

It was agreed upon that :


0-4 years, free

“student” = kindergarten -12th grade, price for concerts = $1

“adult” = through 64 years, price for MS concert $2, HS concert $3

“senior” = 65 years and older, price for MS concert free, HS concert $2


Adjourned at 8:45 pm

Meeting minutes submitted via email on September 27th, 2014 and entered to public record by Jenny Barnett Rohrs.

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