Executive Board Meeting Minutes October 2014

Executive Board Meeting

October 14 , 2014

Executive Music Boosters Meeting Call to Order: 7:10 pm

Attendees: Co-Presidents Rachel Pavey and Tracey Logan, 1st Vice Presidents Laura VanDale & Karen Levis, 2nd Vice President  Katie Norman, 3rd Vice President/Teacher Representatives Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins, Corresponding Secretary Jenny Barnett Rohrs, Recording Secretary Monica Owen

President’s Report: Tracey Logan and Rachel Pavey

  • General discussion of best location of LMB mailbox, can pick up mail and when should mail be picked up in an effort to maintain transparency and efficiency.  We will keep as is for now – elementary and middle school music teachers bring LMB membership forms and money to the high school.  LMB can pick up from the office.  Side door (on west side of the building) provides easiest access to main office.


1st Vice Presidents: Laura Van Dale and Karen Levis

  • My Boosters has a new product where each student has a webpage asking for donations.  This will be tabled as a possible large fundraiser in the future
  • General discussion of a need for future fundraising related to the new construction.
  • Chipotle and Fruit are active fundraisers.
  • December 8 is concert that requires ice cream.  Laura and Karen are unavailable.  East Cafeteria is unavailable.  Jenny volunteered to oversee and lead the ice cream that night.
  • Poinsettias will not be a fundraiser this year, however, LMB will provide poinsettias as decorations for Winter Concerts.
  • Sounds of the Seasons concerts – Music Department will receive income from ticket sales, raffle basket monies goes to local charities.


2nd Vice President: Katie Norman

  • No new business


3rd Vice Presidents: Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins

  • Beth Hankins reported that per Civic staff, ticket sales can begin and doors will be open at time performers need to arrive



Treasurer: Carolina Ramirez-Lawrence e-mailed her report to Tracey Logan knowing that she would not be able to attend.

  • Current balances per 9/30/2014 statements: B. Neil Davis $4590.75, Savings $5417.31, Checking $8593.96
  • Two outstanding bills to be paid $300.00 to bonding agency and $54.04 to Amy Chodzin
  • Recent concert 50/50 raffle brought in $170.00
  • Buddy Day bus cost reduction $250.00 ($300.00 was budget)


Corresponding Secretary: Jenny Barnett Rohrs

  • No new business


Recording Secretary: Monica Owen (left at 7:45pm, notes continued by Katie Norman)



Adjourned 8:30pm

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