Submitted June 8, 2015:

Lakewood Music Boosters

General Meeting

May 12, 2015

Call to Order: 7:11 pm

Attendees: Co-Presidents Rachel Pavey and Tracey Logan, 1st Vice Presidents Laura VanDale & Karen Levis, 2nd Vice President  Katie Norman, 3rd Vice President/Teacher Representatives Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins, Recording Secretary Monica Owen, Corresponding Secretary Jenny Barnett Rohrs, LMB members: Lori Marjanovic, student Abi Norman

President’s Report: Tracey Logan and Rachel Pavey

1st Vice Presidents: Laura Van Dale and Karen Levis

Middle School Concerts with ice cream afterwards are Monday May 18, Tuesday May 19 and Thursday May 28.  6=8 scoopers are needed for each event.

Approximately 100 Music Booster discount cards were sold by students on Saturday May 9th.  Overall, students reported that it was a positive experience.

Other options for selling discount cards to explore are July 4 and the Lakewood Arts Festival

When selling Music Booster cards at concerts, any LMB Board member can use the Paypal swiper and app on their smart phone

There will be a $20 minimum for using the Paypal swiper due to the fee.  This will eliminate the possibility of buying any concert tickets with the Paypal swiper.

2nd Vice President: Katie Norman

There are enough volunteers signed up for the Spring concerts with the exception of 50/50 raffle

Katie sent an email to volunteers from this past year for feedback.  Only real negative was that volunteers do not like to work 50/50 raffle for two reasons 1. Do not like asking people for money 2. Do not like getting on stage for calling the number.  The LMB board member should be available to do this or a music teacher.

Student volunteers – this possibility was discussed.  For the next year, it was decided that they could volunteer with a parent.  There were some liability concerns if a student was dropped off and there was not an adult agreeing to be responsible

Katie reported on suggestions from Lexie DeBaltzo regarding concession for the future.  1. Limit sales to water and candy 2. Need a cash box protocol 3. Need to get start up cash for the box 4. The process should be simplified

Scholarship updates – 32 requests.  Two were not LMB members.  Consider doing the scholarships earlier next year due to need to quick turn around and sending out award letters.

3rd Vice Presidents: Peter Hampton and Beth Hankins

June 2 & 3 – 4th grade Instrument Try-out at Emerson and Horace Mann.  High school students will do the testing while music teachers circulate and answer questions. Requesting LMB approve a $5 LMB membership and LMB provide ice cream sandwiches.  Board approved both.

Discussed possible changes to LMB Board.  1. Combining Recording and Corresponding secretaries into one position 2. Elevating Membership Chair to board membership 3. Student representative position

Student representative(s) can be accomplished by creating a Standing Committee next year 

Other changes need to be written up in a proposal and made available for review prior to being voted upon

It was noted that the recommendations for updates/changes to the Bylaws from the Adhoc committee (August 2014) were never reviewed by the LMB Board and that should be done

Beth reminded the board that they should receive updated monthly financial reports from the Treasurer.  This has not been happening.

Beth provided the Co-Presidents a list of missing and uncashed checks.  Tracey will follow-up

Beth reported that three music teachers are retiring this year and they may not all be replaced.

LMB Board Members for 2015-2016

Co-presidents: Tracey Logan and Rachel Pavey

1st VP (Fundraising): Beth Bender Thomas

2nd VP(Volunteers): Lori Marjanovic

3rd VP (teacher Representatives): Peter Hampton, Beth Hankins, Clinton Steinbrunner

Recording Secretary: unfilled

Corresponding Secretary: Jenny Barnett Rohrs

Vote:  all approve, none dissent

Next Meeting:  Monday, June 8.  6:30 pm. Tracey Logan’s house.  1589 Marlowe.

EDITORS NOTE: MEETING WILL BE AT Karen Levis’: 2054 Arthur Ave.