Music Boosters Executive Board Meeting April 14, 2015

In attendance:  Rachel Pavey, Laura Van Dale, Peter Hampton, Jenny Rohrs, Karen Levis

Meeting called to order at 7:25 p.m.

President’s Report: Rachel Pavey

Reminder about the Lake Erie Monsters game on Thursday April 16 at 7:00. Ticket sales have not met expectations.  If we do this next year we will try for a Friday or Saturday night, and in the January/February timeframe.  At this point we do not officially have enough sellers for the 50/50 raffle, but we will make our best effort.

We need to form a nominating committee. 

Open positions for 2015-16 are:

1st VP – Fundraising

2nd VP – Volunteers

3rd VP – Mr. Steinbrunner (new)

Recording Secretary


Returning for 2015- 16 are:

President – Tracey Logan, Rachel Pavey

Treasurer – Carolina Ramirez

Corresponding Secretary – Jenny Rohrs

Tentative nominating committee is:  Peter Hampton, Karen Levis, Lori Marjanovic, Jenny Rohrs, and Elaine Breiner*.  The group will meet and propose a slate of officers for the May 12 meeting.  At that time, any other nominations can be brought to the floor for vote.

Scholarship committee will be meeting between April 24 (deadline date for application) and May 1.  Rachel Pavey will contact committee chair to set the meeting date.

1st VP:  Laura Van Dale, Karen Levis

May 9 will be Booster Card sales blitz day.  Refreshments will be provided.  The idea is that the music teachers will recruit their students to come to the catering room? at 9:00 that morning for instruction and route information.  They would then return by 12:00 to turn in any proceeds/leftover cards.  For people the students talk to who say they don’t have the cash, we can leave a flyer at those homes with contact information for Music Boosters.

The cards will also be able to be sold at concerts via Pay Pal. 

Ice cream concerts coming up will be May 18, 19, and 28.  There will be no ice cream at the 8th grade concert.

2nd VP:

No Report

3rd VP:

Peter Hampton provided concert dates. ** are concerts that will require volunteers.

Monday 5/4 7:30 8th grade concert** (Laura)

Tuesday 5/5 7:30 Chamber, Vive, Fortes, MS Extracurricular choir

Thursday 5/14 7:00 HS Orchestra**

Saturday 5/16 7:30 Lakewood Project

Sunday 5/17 2:00 Chamber, Vive, Fortes @ Calvary Church

Monday 5/18 7:30 7th grade concert** ice cream

Tuesday 5/19 7:30 6th grade concert** ice cream

Wednesday 5/20 7:00 HS Choirs**

Thursday 5/21 7:00 HS Bands** (Jenny)

Wednesday 5/27 7:00 HS Jazz?? (Karen)

Thursday 5/28 7:00? 5th grade instrumental ice cream

Recording Secretary:

No Report

Corresponding Secretary: Jenny Rohrs

Thank you notes for scholarship donors have been written and are being sent out. 

We discussed this function being placed under the auspices of the membership chair.  The membership chair has immediate access to the membership database and the letter could automatically be generated as part of entering information into the database.

As such, we discussed revisiting the bylaws in order to make Membership a board position.  Also discussed in respect to the bylaws was to revisit the role of the Corresponding secretary in an effort to have the position more accurately reflect the new digital nature of all Music Boosters correspondence.

Treasurer: Carolina Ramirez

Membership: Amy Chodzin

198 members

$9,680 membership funds

$295 in Gilmore scholarship

$150 for the Nico scholarship

$270 for the Davis scholarship


No Report

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.