General meeting was called to order at 7:30

It was discussed that we have membership forms at the elementary school concerts. All were unanimous.

Tracey stated that we currently have 141 members but since she is still getting familiar with all the membership stuff there may be a few more. Last year we ended with 196 members.

Beth Thomas asked if anyone could write a blurb to send to the elementary school parents to explain why they should join the Music boosters. Someone would work with Jenny to write that

Beth Thomas stated that there was an article in the Lakewood Observer detailing Lakewood Music Boosters winter fundraisers on November 25th.

Beth submitted her report on fundraising ideas and asked for fundraising ideas from all the members and the board.

Fundraising report:

1st Ways and Means committee meeting planned for December 7

The boosters will hold a fundraiser every Thursday and Friday in the month of December. Jenny will be adding it to our social media Wednesdays and Thursdays

There have been 8 orders so far with the fruit sale as of 12/1/15 for a total of 484.00 a profit of  approximately 92.80

Meeting was called at 8:05

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