Introducing Mr. Clinton Steinbrunner!

Clinton Steinbrunner – Lakewood High School Band, Keyboard & Theory

Background – I grew up in St. Henry, Ohio where I started piano lessons and then played flute all throughout middle and high school. After high school I attended the College of Wooster, where I majored in Music Education and minored in German Language. After college I taught English in Germany for a year on a Fulbright teaching assistantship and then moved to Dublin, Ireland where I taught music at a secondary school. Before coming to Lakewood, I taught middle school and assisted with the high school at Benjamin Logan Local Schools in Bellefontaine, OH. I was lucky to move to Lakewood in 2014 and completed my masters degree in music education at Case Western Reserve University in 2019.

First music memory – I vividly remember my elementary music classroom with multicolored benches to sit on. One song that has always stuck with me was “Chickery Chick.” The words were fun and silly to sing, but we also got to read music. There was a stretch that we had a non-music substitute teacher and I couldn’t wait for Mrs. Adams to return!

Hobby – Playing role playing games (table top and video games), swimming, and going to the gym.

Favorite thing about teaching music – I love getting to watch students not only connect with music, but also connect with each other. Making music in a group and working toward a common goal helps to build friendships and relationships that are like no other! It’s also very rewarding getting to see students have an “A-ha” moment when a new concept finally clicks. Music truly embodies every part of the vision of a Lakewood graduate!

What is special about Music in Lakewood? – The students and the support of the community are truly what make Lakewood such a special place to teach music. They’re the lifeblood of the department. Aside from that, I get to work with terrific colleagues who broaden my perspective and help me to become a better teacher. On top of that, they’re just a lot of fun to work with!

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