So much to talk about! Buckle your seat belts- LET’S GO!

  • Both of our middle schools are performing their Fall plays this week- check one (or BOTH) out! Our kids have been working hard and are excited to show you what they can do!
    • Garfield: The Brothers Grimm on Thursday, 10/27 and Friday, 10/28 at 7pm
    • Harding: The Gravestone Manor on Thursday, 10/27 and Friday, 10/28 at 6:30pm
    • (And if any parents and students are comfortable sharing pictures or videos of the plays with us, we love to brag about you! Our reporters aren’t always available to attend. Please send to [email protected] Thanks!)
  • The Lakewood High School Orchestra Program is hosting its annual Music Marathon on November 5. Sponsor a student and come to their end of day concert. You will not believe the talent of these kids- even when they’re exhausted! More information can be found on Music Marathon Info.
  • The LHS Barnstormers Drama Club is presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream on November 10, 11, 12 at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased here.
  • And, finally, shout out to our Lakewood Ranger Marching Band on an awesome season and end of season concert (the livestream can be found here)! If you would like to see them again, they will be honoring our veterans on Veterans Day at Lakewood Park. Lastly, they will help our city celebrate the holidays during the Light Up Lakewood parade.

*Whew!* Told you we had a lot to talk about! See you soon!

PS As a reminder, you can find a full calendar of events here.