Lakewood Legacies

Lakewood Legacies – Mariana Stockman

While at Lakewood High I performed in Symphonic Orchestra and Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra’s (NOYO) lab group. One of my favorite performance memories from LHS was the first time I performed at a Barneys Café.

My sophomore year I signed up to play an original piano composition but was nervous because everyone in the black box theater was so talented and creative. Once I finished performing, other Barney’s performers were so supportive and came over to talk about my piece. I felt so welcomed and really enjoyed the experience.

After graduating from LHS in 2020, I enrolled in Ohio University’s School of Music where I am pursuing a major in Music Production and Recording Industry. I love music and performing but decided I do not just want to play cello and piano for the rest of my life. A Music Production major is a good way for me to do something new and exciting while still being around music and I would love to be involved with the business side of the music industry.

As of right now, I am very open as to what my future holds. I have interests in becoming a producer, artist manager, working with record labels etc. I do not have one specific goal, instead I just have the dream to end up happily working in the music industry.

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