Introducing “Musical Mondays”!

Introducing a new occasional series, “Musical Mondays”, in which we highlight a member of our talented, creative, thoughtful, and all around amazing music or performing arts staff! These are the folks who inspire and teach our kids to be the phenomenal musicians, vocalists, dancers, and performing artists and crew they are. Thank you to all of our faculty and staff!


Background – Grew up in Lakewood and went to Madison Elementary, Harding Middle, and Lakewood High School.  My music teachers were Mrs. Selby, Mrs. Mallchok, and Dr. Hankins.  I play the violin and went to Case Western Reserve University for my undergraduate degree.

First music memory – Listening to Peter and the Wolf in the attic of my Lakewood home on an old record player.

Hobby – I play violin in the Cleveland Philharmonic.  I also love to knit. 

Favorite thing about teaching music – Absolutely the students! Seeing the growth over time and the “aha” moments when something clicks.

What is special about Roosevelt Music? In addition to choir for 4th and 5th grade, we also have a Rockin’ Recorders group for 4th grade students.  

Thank you for all you do- we appreciate you!


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